Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pain in the neck

I think it's time for a new pillow. I noticed last night that my neck has been hurting and I can't turn it to the right. Last night when I crawled into bed I lay my head down and my pillow felt flat to me and then the ache in my neck started. I tried fluffing it but it didn't work. My problem...I bought this pillow a couple of months ago at Bed Bath and Beyond and paid a good amount for it.I guess expensive isn't always best.
Easter parties are a pain in the ass. Daughter Dear had a party yesterday and will have another one today and tomorrow. Trying to get her to do her homework while tanked up on sugar was fun yesterday. Fractions and sugar don't mix. I was sitting there working the problems right along with her to make sure she got them right and I was having flash backs from 8th grade when I learned to do what she is learning now. I kept thumbing through this work book and she finally asked what I was looking for and so I told her I didn't learn this type of math until Junior High. She smiled and said this is 8th grade math. Huh... Mrs.K brought these workbooks when she moved from the Junior High. Shit... No wonder I was confused. I asked DD if she understood what she was doing and she said yes but it's just a lot of work.
Anyway...back to Easter. My sister and her hubby along with my niece will be camping out in Rockport Friday through Sunday. I have no way to get my camper down that way so DD and I will drive down Saturday morning early and spend the day other than that it will be a quiet weekend. How about you??? Do you have big plans for Easter?

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