Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got a email from Hector. All I'm going to say is your a typical dumb ass from the west coast. Here is his email address if any of you want to waste some time...

Oh by the way Hector, I did cut my hair today and it turned out really nice. I just left out the rinse and repeat. That was a step that wasn't needed. Men, they have no clue on how to cut or style women's hair. Now Hector, go play with yourself and take your frustration out on your dick.

You gonna cut your hair? Yeah go ahead.
The easiest way is to put your head under the blade of a sheetmetal shear machine....reach out and hit the old activate button.
Rinse and repeat.
Thats all the world needs is one more pin head texan. I thought we ran all you dipshits outta town last november.
Don't you have another holocaust museum to shoot up.
Watching all you right wind ding dongs implode is the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Just hilarious.
BTW when in hell is that Cheney pacemaker gonna fail?

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