Friday, May 21, 2010


When I saw this it reminded me of how I tell the ummmmm..... wetbacks,ummmmm.... spicks,ummmmm.....turd floaters, ummmm I mean Mexicans at school to speak ENGLISH because their in my country and we speak ENGLISH! Needless to say, they don't like me. Teehee, and I don't care....9 and 1/2 days left.
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Anonymous said...

God I wish that I could do the same at my place of work. Work in a hospitality setting, all Mexican housekeepers, North Africans as bellmen, and more mexicans in stewarding and banquets.

Then on top of that - PC managment.

It kills me sometimes to come to work, as my head wants to explode.

Anonymous said...

Check this Congressman out doing a 5-minute bitch slapping on the Mexican president:

Randy said...

Funny and right, but it's they're, not their.