Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kids and Cheating

We were working on a map in class on Tuesday. Once the child was through with their foldable they were to come to me and get a map so they could label it. Just setting the story up for you....

Child: Do I have to do this?

Me: Yes you do. Its easy and you get to color it.

Child: But I don't know how to label it.

Me: I'll help you if you need me to. Go turn in the foldable please.

Child: She walks over and turns in her paper. What she doesn't know is that I'm watching her as she walks over and takes another child's map out of the tray from the previous class. I let her walk back to her desk and sit down before I mention that I caught her.

Me: So ----- did I just see you take another students paper?

Child: Ummmmm, yeah you did.

Me: Get your happy butt up and take their paper back to the tray now.

Kids in the class: Whoa ----- you just been burned by the teacher.

I wrote her up for what she did.Cheating is a crime with me.


Tina said...

automatic zero, no chance to make it up.

Texas Ghostrider said...

busted in front of the class..... you should be like a detective or something......lloll

hopefully she was embarrassed and lessoned learned, if not it's going to be a long year......

Harper said...

Hurray for teachers like you. My kid has been the 'victim'. He kept getting points off for late work in a class until the teacher caught on that a certain student always waited until my kid was walking to the basket to turn in his paper and the other kid would take it to copy and turn it in the next day when he thought no one was looking.