Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Well it looks as if my girl Tina is getting what we had with tropical storm Hermine. We're getting hit with the tail end of the storm as I type. After high water and blowing winds yesterday, I'm ready for sunny hot weather again. Enjoy Tina!!


Harper said...

Hope it lost some steam between here and there. We have had over 9 inches of rain.

Tina said...

It did lose some steam. OKC area got on the average 2 inches of rain. Some cities east and southeast got anywhere from 5 - 8 inches of rain. So no flooding for me, but we really did need the rain. We haven't had any measurable since the flood back in June of this year. It's going to be nice and hot and muggy by the time I go to BUNCO tonight.

Hey Harper, were those tornadoes down in the Dallas area anywhere near you???

Harper said...

We missed the tornadoes. One was right downtown near Love Field. Just some industrial building damage. The others that touched down didn't do hardly anything - rated F-0, and they were north and east of us.