Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

I washed two rugs out of daughter dear's bathroom and what do I find in the bottom of the washer.... three socks??? WTH....One was from this summer that turned up missing. The other two were from a month ago that turned up missing. Hmmmm, I wonder where they have been hiding at?


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad H2o,

I go throught the same thing with my daughter. Crap all over the place and odd socks every where but hanging from the ceiling.

People tell me kids in their teens are that way. And most grow out of it....I said most, but I think i got one of the "un"most!

H2o said...

These showed up in the washer from out of the blue. They were white socks that were black. I'm beginning to think they were stuck some where inside the washer.

How do I access your blog? It goes up to the same page when I click on your name. Send me a link if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Dear H2o,

I don't have a blog site. I'm just a surfer/commentor.

I'll send my e-mail address if you wish. I'd rather not post it here in the comment section.

Robert said...

I think socks have a way of traveling from one parallel universe to another just to screw with our heads. It's never a pair that vanishes though, it's always one so you know it's missing. :)

Robert said...

Missing socks is actually a common problem if you have a front loading washer. There is a heavy rubber gasket around the door to make a good seal. The socks get hung up behind this gasket. You have to feel around and behind it to get them out. If you don't, it could start to make your washer and clothes smell moldy. I hope this helps.

H2o said...

Bsb are you on facebook?