Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cajun Terms

Daughter Dear has learned some new terms from some of her Cajun friends at school. Being a Texas girl she finds the way they talk.... really funny.

How you is means how are you.

Back sack means backpack.

Come see means come here.

Hearing her try to talk like a Cajun cracks me up with her southern twang.


Lindcy said...
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JT said...

Funny how big of a difference you can find in just a couple hundred miles or so. I find the further north and east I go, the heavier my twang gets.

BobG said...

At least she isn't learning ebonics.

H2o said...

Bob- they're aren't a lot of blacks at her school. She can try to talk like them but its country sounding. lol

Anonymous said...

I wonder what cajun rap sounds like?