Monday, August 29, 2011


Please return my sweet, loving, smart, daughter. I do NOT like the rude, hormonal, jump down the throat child that has been given to me.




InsomniacSeeker said...

do you want me to teach her "my look". that might stop her in her tracks.

InsomniacSeeker said...

I meant, do you want me to teach you "my look". to use on her. i should wake up sometime today, i suppose.

davidc said...

My oldest granddaughter just started jr high, my daughter knows what you mean. I do too, I miss my sweet little girl.

BobG said...

The wonderful teen years...

Anonymous said...

I have a 16-year old daughter who I basically raised since I'm retired and my wife works. We were the best of pals when she was 6 to 12 yrs. I took her to school, fed her went to her soccer games, etc.

Then I noticed a subtle change after she went to high school. I didn't make much of it at first, but NOW were about as far apart as Obama and the Tea Party.

She does nothing but complain, yell, swear, ignore, ALL at me.

People tell me it's "natural" and she's exerting her independence. That things will change in a year or 2.

But now????????????????? UGH!