Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I don't wanna....

My nerves are fried. I have been in a class since last week. There is a child I'll call T. He has worn every nerve 10 times over. T do your grid work. I don't wanna!!! T please stop talking. I don't wanna!!! T sit down and don't get back up. I don't wanna!!! I finally snapped. T do you pull this crap with your mommy? He just looked at me and said "I call her mom". Well the way your acting one would think you call her mommy and you wear pampers when you do it. Your mean boo hoo. I swear I think I could have picked him up by his throat and he would have been able to say I don't wanna. Tomorrow will be another day of this child. I have to say I don't wanna go. But other than that the class is wonderful. I guess it is like they say...One bad apple spoils the batch.

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